ICFO Scholarship Program Inauguration




  • ICFO Scholarship Program Inauguration
  • - Nurturing global talent for the development of world fisheries -
  • The International Cooperative Fisheries Organization (ICFO) (Chairman Lee, Jong-koo) has selected SamekShrestha (male, 24) from Nepal and HenyAprianita (female, 23) from Indonesia as the first recipients of the ICFO Scholarship under the MOU to Foster Talent in the Field of Fisheries concluded between the ICFO and Pukyong National University in January 2014.
  • College graduates from various countries, including Nepal, Indonesia and Turkey etc. applied for the scholarship. The ICFO and Pukyong National University made a final decision after a careful evaluation of the candidates’ majors, English fluency, grades and other factors.
  • The ICFO will fully cover boarding expenses (including daily expenses) and airfare, and Pukyong National University will be responsible for tuition for the master course and consigned education for two years (September 2014 - August 2016).
  • On 28th August, the two scholarship students visited Pukyong National University before the start of the school year to see the developments of Korean fisheries and fisheries cooperatives, and various activities of the ICFO in person.
  • Chairman Lee stressed the importance of the scholarship program when he met the two students saying, "I believe you will highly contribute to the development of world fisheries by learning from the expertise and knowledge of Korean fisheries. Education is the best way to further develop fisheries for the future." The students expressed their appreciation to the ICFO and the KNFC for the wonderful opportunity and fully committed themselves to the program.
  • They attended a student orientation on 29th August at Pukyong National University before starting the two-year graduate course this September.