Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1 (Name)

Based upon the Statutes of the International Co-operative Alliance, a committee on fisheries is established as an international sectoral organization in the field of fisheries cooperatives.
The name of this Committee shall be the International Co-operative Fisheries Organization (ICFO).

Article 2 (Objective)

The object of ICFO shall be to contribute toward improving the living standards of fishermen and developing fisheries cooperatives in each of the ICFO member countries through conducting research and study on various problems concerning fisheries cooperative organizations, and promoting a better mutual understanding and economic cooperation among fisheries cooperatives.

Article 3 (Activities)

ICFO may be engaged in the following activities with a view to attaining its objects as stipulated in the preceding Article:
  • (1) To organize seminars and conferences on specific subjects for the advancement of mutual interest of the member organizations;
  • (2) To promote fisheries cooperative movement in developing countries through such activities as guidance and assistance for the establishment of fisheries cooperatives as well as training of their future leaders;
  • (3) To study problems concerning fisheries cooperatives in each member country and ensure the publicity of study results;
  • (4) To promote exchange of information and human resources and to further economic relations among fisheries cooperatives around the world for the purpose of encouraging cooperation among cooperative organizations;
  • (5) To gather and provide information on fisheries and fisheries cooperatives;
  • (6) To carry out other activities which might accompany those of the preceding items.

Article 4 (Membership)

  • (1) Full members of ICFO are:
  • a) The full members of ICA who have chosen to participate in ICFO;
    b) The members of full members of ICA that have been confirmed by the latter as eligible to participate and have chosen to participate in ICFO;
    c) The associate members of ICA of the category defined in article 7, b, i of ICA Statutes who have chosen to participate in ICFO; and
    d) The members of associate members of ICA of the category foreseen in article 7, b, i of ICA Statutes, that have been mandated to represent the latter in ICFO;
  • (2) Associate members of ICFO are the associate members of ICA of the categories defined in article 7, b, ii and iii of ICA Statutes, that have chosen to participate in ICFO.
  • (3) Each full member has one vote.

Article 5 (Admission of Members)

  • (1) Eligible organizations interested in participating in ICFO shall communicate this intention by writing to the Executive Committee and the ICA central office, indicating the category of membership as defined in article 4.
  • (2) The decision of admission is made by the Executive Committee and communicated to the ICA member and the ICA central office by writing.
  • (3) New members will become members of ICFO with the rights and duties of membership from the date of the communication referred in paragraph (2) above.

Article 6 (Suspension of Voting Rights)

  • (1) Membership of ICFO ceases in the following cases
  • a) The member ceases to be a member of ICA or loses any other condition of eligibility as set out in article 4;
    b) The member decides to withdraw its membership under the terms and conditions of paragraph (2) below; or
    c) The member is expelled under the provisions of paragraph (3) below.
  • (3) The Executive Committee shall evaluate the conformity of the requirements of membership according to the Rules of ICFO and may request the ICA Board to expel a member on the grounds of non-compliance to the present Rules or the ICA Statutes and Bye-Laws.
Chapter 2. Executive Members, Auditors and Executive Committee

Article 8 (Executive Members, Auditors and Executive Committee)

  • (1) ICFO shall have six or less executive members and one auditor. Executive members and an auditor shall be elected from among full members at a General meeting (= plenary meeting).
  • (2) Executive members and auditors shall hold office for a period of four years, as a rule, between ICA General Assemblies. In case any vacancy is caused in the course of the above period, the vacant post shall be assumed by a person appointed by the organization to which the vacating executive member or auditor belongs, and such appointment shall be subject to official approval at the next General Meeting of ICFO.
  • (3) The Executive Committee shall elect from among the executive members a Chairman and three vice Chairmen.
  • (4) The Chairman shall represent ICFO. The Chairman shall preside at Executive Committee meetings.
  • (5) The vice Chairmen shall assist the Chairman, and in his absence, shall act for the Chairman.
  • (6) The auditor shall audit the business and accounts of ICFO, and make a report thereupon at the General Meeting of ICFO. He/she may participate in Executive Committee meetings, and state his/her opinions. In case it is not possible for him/her to conduct auditing due to unavoidable reasons, it may be deputed by other persons or representatives other than Executive Committee members.
  • (7) The Chairman may convene Executive Committee meetings if necessary. Agenda which may be taken up at Executive Committee meetings shall be as follows:
  • a) Agenda to be taken up at the General Meeting;
    b) Acceptance of new members and withdrawal of members;
    c) Determination of official languages other than English to be used at meetings;
    d) Other agenda recognized by the Chairman to be necessary for the management of ICFO.
  • (8) The Executive Committee may nominate persons, as permanent honorary chairman of ICFO, whose contribution to the activities of ICFO has been recognized fairly outstanding by the Executive Committee. The honorary Chairman may attend the Executive Members Meeting as well as the General Meeting, and may participate in the discussions. However, he/she shall not have a voting right.
  • (9) Agenda dealt with at the Executive Committee shall be decided upon by majority of the Executive members present at the meeting.
Chapter 3. General Meeting

Article 9 (General Meeting)

  • (1) The Chairman shall convene an ordinary General Meeting of ICFO once a year. Special General meetings, in cases when it deems to be necessary by the Chairman of the Executive Committee, shall be convened by the Chairman.
  • (2) Chair at General Meeting - The Chairman of ICFO shall preside at the General Meeting.
  • (3-1) The following agenda shall be put to vote at General Meetings.
  • a) Amendment of Rules;
    b) Election of Executive Members and Auditors;
    c) Approval of Annual Activity Report and Statement of Accounts;
    d) Decision of Annual Activity Plan and Budget;
    e) Establishment of regional fisheries Sub-Committee, and approval of their activity plan;
    f) Dissolution of ICFO; and
    g) Other necessary agenda.
  • (3-2) Agenda dealt with at the General Meeting shall be decided upon by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting. If the number of votes is equal, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
Chapter 4. Finances

Article 10 (Finances)

  • (1) The Executive Committee will adopt a budget for ICFO each calendar year, for the approval of the ICA, showing the expected allocation to ICFO of ICA subscriptions, revenues, and in-kind contributions from any other source and planned expenditures, whether cash or in-kind.
  • (2) The fiscal year of ICFO shall start on 1 January and end on 31 December of each year.
Chapter 5. Secretariat

Article 11 (Secretariat, Secretary General and Assistant Secretary)

The Secretariat for the ICFO shall be established, as a rule, at the ICA Headquarters. The Chairman may establish the Secretariat of ICFO at other places, if necessary, subject to the consent of the Executive Committee. The Chairman shall appoint a Secretary General and a Assistant Secretary, and manage the affairs of the ICFO. The nominations/appointment of Secretary General and Assistant Secretary must be approved by the Executive Committee.
Chapter 6. Amendments

Article 12 Amendments

  • (1) These rules may be amended by a motion passed by a majority vote cast at a duly constituted General meeting.
  • (2) The Executive Committee may propose amendments to these Rules to the General meeting for consideration.
  • (3) A Member wishing to propose amendments to the Rules must submit a proposal to the Secretariat at least five 5 months before the General meeting at which it is to be considered.
  • (4) Any proposal from the Executive Committee or from a Member to amend these Rules, together with any recommendation of the Board thereon, will be sent to all Members with the meeting agenda in advance of the General meeting.
  • (5) The amended Rules will be submitted for approval to the ICA Board, as required by the ICA Statutes, after which they will take effect.
  • (6) If the amended Rules are not confirmed by the ICA Board, with or without variation, the amended Rules will be deemed to be repealed.
Chapter 7. Dissolution

Article 13 (Dissolution of ICFO)

  • (1) ICFO may be dissolved by a decision of the General meeting on the recommendation of its Executive meeting. It shall require a 3/4 majority vote of members present at the General meeting and the approval of the ICA Board. ICFO may also be dissolved according to the provisions of the ICA Statutes.
  • (2) If the General meeting approves a proposal for the dissolution of ICFO, it shall determine the way to settle any outstanding debts. In the event of any surplus remaining after dissolution, it shall be placed at the disposal of the ICA.
Chapter 8. Supplementary Provisions

Supplementary Provisions

  • 1. The Rules of ICFO shall come into force from 20 October, 1986.
  • 2. Matters not stipulated in the Rules but deemed necessary for the ICFO shall be referred to by the Chairman to the Executive Committee. Decisions required in such cases shall be taken at the Executive Committee.
  • 3. Article 8 (2) shall apply from 11 June, 1996.
  • 4. Article 8 (1) shall apply from 20 September, 2005.
  • 5. The revised Rules of ICFO shall come into force from 16 November, 2011.